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Real Stories

I am honored to write about my experience at the Optimal Weight & Wellness Medical Centers.

I had tried so many diets, but always came away discouraged and depressed. I am 68 years old and my health was deteriorating. I was on insulin for diabetes and the arthritis in my knees and back was so bad I couldn’t keep up with my housework or walk my dog. Even getting out of bed was painful.

As my weight increased I became reclusive and was embarrassed for people to see me. I felt sorry for my kids to have a mother that looked like me. What a terrible role model I was!

Then I heard about Optimal Weight & Wellness Medical Centers from a friend and decided I would try one more time to lose weight. My first appointment was in June, 2014. At that time I weighed 314 pounds and was taking 70+ units of insulin each day plus Actos (another Diabetes medicine). The staff at the office was absolutely wonderful! They were very caring and supportive.

I followed the plan the doctor set up for me and I didn’t cheat. I lost 7.5 pounds the first week but I told myself “it’s probably only water”. But to my amazement the pounds kept coming off, and I was never hungry! In the 7 months since I started going to OWWC I’ve lost 67 pounds. I also have been able to reduce my insulin to 9 units once a day and I’m off Actos. No more shots before every meal! The doctors at the center have been managing and adjusting my medicines through the process. My family doctor and my endocrinologist are amazed at the improvement in my diabetes.

My arthritis is a lot better, I sleep well now, and I have a ton of energy. I have joined a group at the Senior Center and I’m doing ceramics. I volunteer for Hands of Hope 1 day a week and I visit my mom 2 days a week. I am able to go on outings with my sister and mom, and now I can (and enjoy!) cleaning my house.

Thank you to both Dr. Mabery and Dr. Knoblich for all the support you’ve given me. I believe I probably would not have lived too many more years had I not come to your medical center. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

I hope this testimonial will somehow “pay it forward” and help at least one person to have their life change too. If you are ready and committed, you can do it too!
Cathy Quintana

“My mom went to the Optimal Weight and Wellness office in 2009 as a final attempt to get control over her diabetes and prevent an amputation. She was significantly overweight, in a wheelchair, and had multiple medical problems. Her blood sugar levels were out of control and she was taking high doses of insulin multiple times a day. My mom was slowly dying and all of us felt very helpless.

Dr. Knoblich and Dr. Mabery took extraordinary care of my mom and literally saved her life. They didn’t just treat her symptoms or weight issue. They treated the whole person. Within a few weeks my mother’s blood sugars were under control and a month later she was completely off insulin. She lost over 80 lbs. and within few months was off of all of her medications.

The work that is done by the doctors and all of the staff at Optimal Weight and Wellness Medical Centers is life changing. I had two children since 2009 and the information that I learned through my mom’s journey guided me towards better health as well. I was able to maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy and completely loose all the extra weight after my last 2 boys were born.

Whether you are looking to loose 5-10 lb. or 50-100+lb., you will be in good hands with Dr. Mabery and Dr. Knoblich. Optimal Weight and Wellness is not just a weigh management program. It gives hope to those who have lost it, support to those who may not have it, and second chances to live a healthy life rather then to just survive.
Marine G.





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