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Who We Are
We are a specialty medical practice committed to helping our patients solve their weight problems with aggressive and personalized treatment plans, using cutting edge medical and nutritional science as well as the best of herbal treatments customized to each individual patient.

Losing Weight is a Complicated Problem
At Optimal Weight and Wellness Medical Centers we recognize that losing weight is a complicated problem, and that’s why our patients aren’t squeezed into a one-size-fits-all weight loss plan. You are unique and your needs are too! After a thorough medical evaluation and comprehensive lifestyle assessment, our physicians design a program that will meet your unique situation. We identify and target dysfunctional behavior patterns and work with you to change those patterns so your weight loss is permanent.

Our Medical Team
Our physicians are Board certified specialists with decades of experience helping people to achieve their weight loss goals and regain their health. And with many years of experience as family doctors prior to specializing in Bariatric Medicine (the medical specialty dealing with obesity and related disorders), we see the big picture. We understand the integration of the mind and body and the need for all body systems to be functioning optimally for the condition we call “wellness”. We often discover previously unrecognized medical issues that are contributing to our patient’s weight problem. Sleep disorders, thyroid conditions, metabolic issues, blood disorders, depression, early or pre-diabetes, family dysfunctions, binge eating, etc… These problems are fairly common in our patients, and once these issues are addressed, the battle with excess weight can finally and successfully begin.

Darla Mabery, D.O.
Dr. Mabery was board certified and practiced Family Medicine for years before limiting her practice to the treatment of obesity and dysfunctional eating problems. She is Board certified in Bariatric Medicine (the treatment of obesity and related disorders) by the American Board of Obesity Medicine and has 25 years of experience in the field.
She also has training in Ayurvedic Medicine, the ancient healing tradition of India, which honors and works with the unique characteristics of each individual person in the treatment of disease. Through herbal treatments and lifestyle adjustments illness and imbalances can be overcome for the achievement of true “optimal health”.
Dismissing the notion that “food is the enemy” in the struggle with overweight, she has a special interest in cooking and “respecting the sensual pleasure of food”. She often shares tips on the easy preparation of “beautiful food” to satisfy the palate and the waistline.
Peter Knoblich, M.D.
Dr. Knoblich is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Practice, and practiced family medicine for 20 years before limiting his practice to the treatment of obesity and mood disorders. He is a nationally recognized speaker and educator on the recognition and treatment of complicated mood disorders in family practice. He offers a unique perspective on the “neurochemistry of obesity”, the function and dysfunction of brain chemistry and body regulation as it relates to obesity and the drive to overeat.

The Rest of Our Team
Our team of nurse counselors have decades of experience in helping our patients lose weight in a friendly nurturing environment. Our staff is invested in your success, and are here to help.


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