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A Natural Approach to Weight Loss

In addition to her traditional (Western) medical training Dr. Mabery also has a certificate degree in Ayurvedic Medicine, the ancient healing tradition of India. Ayurvedic Medicine honors the unique constitution of each individual in both physical and energetic aspects and seeks to remedy imbalances that are present in order to return the person to a state of “optimal health”. While Western Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine view illness through a different lens, these healing paradigms can successfully work together and promote a deeper level of health.

With Ayurvedic Medicine a comprehensive physical and lifestyle assessment is made, and the true “natural constitution” of a person as well as their current “imbalances” can be identified. Traditional treatment plans include dietary and lifestyle adjustments, herbal remedies and other physical modalities such as massage. Custom designed Herbal treatments often play an important part in the treatment plan and the movement toward wellness.

For our patients who wish to consider a Comprehensive Ayurvedic Assessment and Wellness Plan, issues other than excess weight will be considered and treated, and customized herbal formulas will be prepared that are uniquely for you. Our staff can provide more information for you about this option on your first visit to our office.

We also have available our own standard Ayurvedic herbal formulas that have been designed by Dr. Mabery for general use by our patients who have not had a Comprehensive Ayurvedic Assessment. Examples of our standard formulas include our “Weight Reducing Formula”, “Menopause Formula”, “Women’s and Men’s Anti-Aging Formulas”, “Elimination Formula”, and “Restful Sleep Formula”.


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